Grilled Kale

Grilled Kale

Kale on the grill? Over an actual fire? Why not?

The kale cooks quickly on a grill and inherits a smoky flavor from the fire. It is delicious with tender bits and crispy bits all within a single leaf. Eat as is (I may or may not eat it straight off the grill, with no comment on burnt tongues), or serve as a side with pretty much anything.

Start with a large bunch of kale. If you are a fan of thick stems than you can skip to the next paragraph. Otherwise, carefully remove each side of the kale from the stem so you have long strips (easier without a grill plate or basket) or rip into bite-sized pieces (if you do have a grill plate or basket). Toss with a little oil of your choice (I typically prefer avocado or grapeseed oil due to the higher smoke points) and a pinch or two of salt. Feel free to add in any additional spices to complement the rest of your meal.

Lay the kale directly on the grill over the flames. I have a gas grill and I usually set the flame directly under the kale to medium to avoid flare-ups. I don’t have experience with charcoal so I will leave it up to my readers to comment with their charcoal-grill-expertise.

The kale cooks in just a few minutes, so keep a close eye and move it around often to avoid burning. Remove from grill and enjoy!

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