Grilled Teriyaki Skirt Steak with Grilled Veggies

Grilled Teriyaki Skirt Steak with Grilled Veggies

It was a very busy weekend with lots of cooking, baking, and freezing to use up the excess of produce we brought home last week to make room for what was coming home this week. And, of course, it was the hottest weekend it has been here all summer. Good timing for me to have the oven on, pots bubbling away on the stove, and the grill on full blast.

I made a broccoli and pesto frittata, which I cut into individual servings and popped in the freezer. I also used the leftovers of a large batch of cranberry beans to make been and whatever-veggies-in-the-fridge-were-about-to-turn soup. In this case, the veggies included a quarter of a cabbage, half a wilting bunch of celery, half a bag of baby carrots, and kernels from the two ears of corn, as well as a chopped up onion and a head of garlic.

Let’s see, I also practiced a round of peach and nectarine turnovers, which were so good that Jelani was literally dancing around the kitchen – but I forgot to take note of any measurement whatsoever. So add that to the list to make again with next week’s overripe bargain-bin fruit! And hopefully I will remember to take notes and that they turn out as good as they did this time. Sorry honey, I guess you’ll have to eat them again next week!

And, of, course, the oven was up to 500 degrees during the hottest part of the day to make pizzas with whatever was left after that. The cookies, muffins, and crumble I was also planning on making will preferably have to wait for a cooler day.

After all of the cleaning out of the fridge and freezer, I could finally get to dinner. Grilling won out because I was done with being in the kitchen. Both boys wanted steak, so I added a bunch of vegetables.

We started with about 2 pounds of skirt steak (with the intention of having leftovers, of course!) that I marinated in teriyaki sauce for a couple of hours. I used up about half of a bottle from Trader Joes that was open in the fridge. Use whatever your favorite brand is or if you have a favorite homemade recipe, even better! I’m still working out the kinks on mine, so between that and being a bit lazy last night, the already open bottle won out.

I also had some freshly procured corn on the cob and bok choy with a bell pepper that was starting to wilt. The corn was husked, the bok choy and pepper halved, and everything got tossed in a bit of avocado oil and salt.

I seared the skirt steak over high heat for a few minutes on each side. While the steak was searing, I put the veggies on the grill. When it was ready, I took the steak off to rest and then lowered the flames on the grill and closed the lid to finish cooking the veggies.

We served it over rice (made in the Instapot since I was done being over the stove), but this would also make a fantastic salad.

And yes, we did end up with leftovers! And Paxton was quite upset that they did not end up in his lunch box for school.

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